Monday, 15 September 2014

We Want Better

Harper's clapping seals were beyond nauseating this morning as he made his "public address" that was not open to any members of the public. Tax cuts! Tax cuts! Money is god. All Canadians want is tax cuts! Never mind that lets out everyone who does not earn enough to pay any taxes (i.e. those who are not making enough to live on). No! I truly believe Canadians are not that shallow or money-grubbing. We want healthcare for everyone. We want excellent education for all our children. We want our environment and water and species at risk preserved. We don't want our kids dying in a desert on the other side of the world. We want honesty, openness, transparency, and accountability in our government. We want everyone to earn a living wage (if you work 30+ hours a week you should be able to live on that, but a lot of folks don't earn enough no matter how long they work). We want programs for our seniors and veterans. We want programs to keep kids out of gangs. We want rehabilitation of convicts, not warehousing. We want sane regulations instead of a war on drugs (aka our kids). We want bridges that are safe and roads that don't wreck our vehicles. We want justice and equality, not hate-mongering and fear. We want to know what the hell is going on with First Nations women and girls that they get disappeared so often. We want better!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

What Has Harper Done For Canada?

 Our government, the Government of Canada, The Harper Government (as it is trying to brand itself) is complicit in the destruction of our environment, the pollution of our water, the extinction of endangered species, the suppression of wages paid to Canadian workers, the reduction of assistance to Canadian veterans, the lowered standard of living for Canadian seniors, the rejection of refugees desperately fleeing for their lives, the removal of judicial discretion from our judges, the overcrowding of our prisons, the increase in ineligible EI claimants, the selling off of publicly owned items of historical importance, the suppression of science, the repression of critics, control of mainstream media, spying on Canadians, appointing corrupt individuals to positions of power, inciting racism and xenophobia while at the same time surrendering our natural resources and sovereign right to create our own laws to a foreign power, and destroying libraries and archives. Alienated and abandoned our First Nations. Turned their backs on the sociological, yes, SOCIOLOGICAL! problem of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Discarded co-operation and consultation with the provinces. Extreme cuts to the CBC and arts across Canada. If you are thinking of voting CPC next election, think very carefully about whether you care about your country. A vote for the CPC is a vote against Canada.