Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Economic Theory and How It Has Led Us Astray

Classical economic theory is built on the premise that individuals will act in self-interest. The slave will obey to avoid being beaten. The worker will work to gain compensation. The owner of the means of production will do anything to maximize profit. 
Politicians will steer policy to benefit those donors that compensate them. Basic economic theory has interfered with the progress of civilization. 
This belief in the primacy of self-interest runs counter to the tenets of pretty well all world religions, and counter to traditional cultural norms around the world. 
We have been steeped in this, in the western world at least, since birth.
This theoretical framework denies our natural inclinations towards altruism, sharing, co-operation, kindness, compassion, and empathy. 
Those who support political parties whose platforms are based on personal advancement over the advancement of society, over raising up even the "least" among us, have truly absorbed the message that greed is good. 
But many of us find that economic theory sadly wanting when we look within ourselves. We do not feel good about accumulating wealth side by side with those who have so little. We seek a system whereby we can share our good fortune with those who have less. 
That does not mean we don't want to be rewarded for our hard work. But it does mean that we find abject poverty unacceptable in our society. We recognise that life's cards are dealt unequally. 
And for most of us who enjoy a higher standard of living, we recognise that factors that had nothing to do with our own efforts came into play. Accident of birth (country/parents/ethnicity), access to a good education, someone who saw potential in us...
When you recognise this and accept it, it becomes intolerable that some children will fall behind because of the opposite sort of luck. Throw in systemic racism, multi-generational trauma, and a concerted effort of some to keep the scales tipped in their own favour... 
And you wind up with a divide in how society views the world. There are those who see themselves as deserving of every benefit and screw everyone else. As long as I get mine, I'm happy. 
And those who are troubled by issues of homelessness, of addiction, of children being raised by people whose childhood was stolen (i.e. families who need culturally appropriate support), children going to school in mold-contaminated buildings... 
Those who are troubled by the fact that some people work 3 part-time jobs to keep a roof over their heads and can never get out of that trap unless things change dramatically... 
Those who are troubled by inequality, by discrimination, by cruelty, by corporate bottom lines that need to be buoyed up by cutting environmental protection, worker protection, consumer protection... 
Those who are concerned about the environment, by what we are going to leave for our children and grandchildren and other people's grandchildren... 
I heard a guy on the Alberta at noon call-in show say he was sick and tired of everyone getting benefits and services from the government. His wife was in hospital so she could not work. And socialism was ruining his life. 
He said he was sick of paying taxes for education because he has no kids. He was sick of his taxes going to low-income families to help their kids...
That hospital his wife is in is funded by "socialism". He doesn't realise it. Those education taxes he pays, pay for the future doctors and engineers who will look after his community and his family in the future. Those children who are raised out of poverty by his taxes and other people's taxes, will grow up to be contributing members of society, rather than contributing to gangs and violence and criminality. Safer communities comes from raising people up out of desperation, not from incarcerating them after the fact. 
We have been ruled for over 100 years by an economic theory that is not humanist, is not moral, is not sustainable. Rational actors realise that they are not islands, that maximising their own benefit at a cost to others is not sustainable... 
We need one another, as equals. We need to provide all members of our society opportunities to achieve their potential. We need an educated populace. We need to address inequality, health issues (both physical and mental), resource inequality, addiction and trauma... 
We need one another as fellow travelers in this life and we need to respect others. We need to revel in the diversity that a country like Canada embodies. We need to cast off old ideas and be better at supporting and sustaining our wonderfully diverse culture.
We need to find and embrace our natural inclinations towards kindness and acceptance. Bigotry is not born, it is learned. And it is reinforced by an artificial metric that values the wealthy life over the impoverished life. 
Here endeth the epistle.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

The MOST Important Blog You Will Read During #elxn43 Canadians!

I have a guest blogger today.  My good friend, Sunshiny.

As a former Public Servant, she has more first-hand knowledge of how politics works in Canada than most Canadians. She also has mad research skills and the ability to explain complex issues in an accessible way. And she is an Indigenous Person, and brings that perspective to the table.

She has done a lot of research and she puts together a very cogent and articulate case. This is a long blog. Get your beverage of choice and get comfortable. You need to read this and it will open your eyes. You will want to tell others about what you know. Please read her words and share them! Canadians need to know what is going on!


The US seems intrigued by the new Trudeau scandal.

Time Magazine
New York Times
Washington Post.

This is a global smear campaign. Willingly amplified by major US outlets to discredit PM Trudeau on the world stage.

The evidence is in the commentary of each online article.
The comments section is heavily populated by amplification bots for each story. All amplifying the deficit in character of the PM in Canada. Mostly originating, in their profiles at least, from the US MAGA community.

Beyond the jurisdiction of the Canadian Election Act.
One of the objectives of the Finkelstein Method (US style negative campaigning) is to engender disgust in the progressive voter for the main progressive leader. The emotion causes many to cast their vote elsewhere or the voter is so demoralized, they don’t vote at all.
It’s a voter suppression tactic. Anyone who follows politics has seen the stats showing the steady increase in voter apathy worldwide, but they haven’t over layed the use of Finkelstein Methods using voter suppression on those stats. I have below.
Since the mid 1990’s voter turnout has taken a nose dive in Canada. The following chart demonstrates a sharp downturn around 1993. And a steady decline from there.

An astute political observer might note the election of significant numbers of the Reform Party was 1993.
How was this achieved?
Voter suppression.

Leaders of the federal Progressive Conservatives were relentlessly subjected to character assassinations, accusations of corruption, sanctimonious moralizing & a steady flow of disinformation from Reform Party candidates & supporters. 
It took time for the tactic to work. Reform emerged in 1987. Long before social media had been invented.

They spent years peddling smears & attacking moderate centrist conservatives who held progressive ideals.
But they were also plagued by the condemnation of moderate Reform Party members and several public infighting episodes nulled their effect.

Until the Canadian Reform Alliance Party (CRAP) was formed, populist politics were never very popular outside of the Western provinces.
Stockwell Day initially led CRAP, but his fundamentalist evangelical Christian beliefs were off putting for many Canadians. But he did manage to purge many moderate conservatives from CRAP. This is when fiscal and social conservatives ousted moderates from their ranks.
Stephen Harper became the leader of CRAP in 2002 & began working with Peter McKay to facilitate merger of PC & CRAP to form CPC in 2003.

By 2003, Harper had managed to purge CRAP of all remaining democratic conservatives, & expanded the libertarian & Socon base within the party.
Interestingly enough, Peter McKay had been doing the same with the PC party. In what can only be referred to as political theatre, McKay helped orchestrate a coalition with disaffected CRAP MP’s who had left their party to protest Day’s leadership.
Most returned to the CRAP fold. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democrati…

The dissolution of the coalition led many to question Joe Clark’s leadership of the PC’s and Peter McKay won leadership after Clark resigned.
A noteworthy backroom meeting, hastily arranged by Noël Kinsella, McKay’s campaign Manager, resulted in leadership candidate, David Orchard, transferring his 25% share of mostly Western Canadian votes to McKay to secure his leadership win.
What was discussed is not public, but Harper rewarded Noël Kinsella with Speaker of the Senate early in 2006. A position he held until 2 days before his 75th birthday in 2014.

You can track the dates of the above with the declining voter turnout in Canada. An exact match. 
Since the inclusion of populist politics of Reform, Alliance and CPC, represented by the emergence of far right, Dominionist Christian, socially conservative, libertarian small government advocates, the suppression of voters commenced. Continuing to this day.
There are no more moderate conservatives in the CPC. They were purged several years ago.

The Socon’s and libertarians who took over the conservative reputation and “brand” have been using negative politics since the 1990’s.
Stephen Harper won his first seat in parliament in 1993 as a Reform Party candidate & hired Art Finkelstein himself for his campaign strategy.

It’s no accident that voter turnout has declined since 1993. Voter suppression is one of the main goals of the Finkelstein Method.
The US has a long history of voter suppression and efforts to suppress suffrage. You can track the efforts to suppress votes by simply looking at the stats over the history of voter turnout. Notably suppression of non property owners, freed African Americans & women is obvious.
This is the intent of voter suppression. To restrict the franchise to wealthy white property owners. It always has been.

Finkelstein used statistical analysis & carefully crafted negative messaging he called “rejectionist voting” to manipulate voter behaviour.
Finkelstein did this to suppress the votes of progressive voters. Heavily made up of the poor, POC & women.

Easily tracked globally by Finkelstein’s work history.

Finkelstein was instrumental in using his strategy for Nixon win in 1971-72 campaign.
This article reflects the downward trend in youth voter turnout since 1972 - 2000. civicyouth.org/PopUps/FactShe…

Graph shows the downward trend in the 1970’s & staying down until voting activists started serious pushback on suppression efforts. The 2018 midterm election is impressive.
Israel was the first foray outside of North American politics made by Finkelstein. He had mixed results, but Netanyahu was a Finkelstein client.

Finkelstein expanded to Central & Eastern Europe. Adapting and perfecting his technique with every new client.
One could argue that Finkelstein finished development of the American Libertarian’s weapon of choice to disenfranchise progressive voters and then set about transforming western democracy to readjust world order and universally implement Libertarian autocratic guided democracy.
Statecraft. Soft power. Asymmetric warfare. Whatever you call it, the phenomenon of populist negative politics is now global.

Every transformation in a social democracy and typical moderate politics can be traced back to this method. Globally.
Arthur Finkelstein died in 2017. After Trump’s election by a small margin in 3 key states.

Statistically predicted by targeting citizens vulnerable to negative campaigning, smears & character assassination.

Exactly what foreign & domestic news & SM is doing to Canada.

I’m going to lay out the Finkelstein Method strategies so its easily identifiable.
Finkelstein Method:

1. Don’t provide details on policy, it’s unimportant to win. No actionable and measurable plans are required. Just vague policy statements. None of the opposition parties have calculable platform plans. Liberals have a budget.
2. Continuous character assassination of strongest opposition. Other opposition parties encouraged to help. Wittingly or just lust for power is irrelevant. All 3 opposition party leaders are attacking LPC & PM daily. Not opposing policy, personal attacks & false accusations.
3. Introduce divisive scandalous issues like drugs, sex or crime, used to denigrate the strongest opposition. Aga Khan, grope-gate, India trip, undue influence, etc.
4. Politically loaded issues also used to divide electorate into tribes. Immigration, race, LGBTQ rights, access to abortion & women’s equality, climate change. It elicits an emotional defense of values and beliefs. The electorate retreats to entrenched political positions.
5. Disinformation campaigns to confuse and demoralize the electorate. Create a post truth environment. Media & social media overloaded with gaslighting and scandal. No one can discern truth. Truth is unknowable. Apathy is induced in progressives. They don’t know who to trust.
5. Cont’

This is known as targeted voter suppression. Education is indoctrination, climate science is a hoax, refugees and asylum seekers are storming the borders, Muslims are promoting sharia law, etc.
6. Present the opposition as the enemy. The leader is a threat to national safety and must be removed. The SNC scandal, attack on oil, electoral reform and climate inaction (it’s being used by both sides). This creates rage and protest votes.
6. Cont’

People vote against the enemy instead of voting for the policy they support. Hang Trudeau for treason for stopping oil production. Trudeau betrayed Canada by suppressing Electoral Reform and ignoring climate change. And SNC - works for both sides.
This is the Finkelstein Method. Harper is a master at using these strategies. So is Russia and Trump Republicans.

Developed by Art Finkelstein to help Nixon win. It’s been used for decades to create chaos and delivery a Con majority.

That’s the reality in Canada right now.
This is how Trump won in US, Orbán in Hungary, Netanyahu in Israel, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Modi in India, and how Cons will win in Canada if we don’t stop responding to emotional provocation.
It’s also been used in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Montenegro, many African nations and many other developing nations.

Most of the time it works or delivers a weak minority that cannot implement policy.
That’s where Canada is heading as a nation. Blinded by emotion, head long into authoritarian takeover, dismantling of Constitution & Charter, and turned into a Libertarian Republic with social conservatives imposing their version of Christian beliefs & values on everyone else.
Please learn the Finkelstein Method.

Identify your triggers.

This is why con trolls and bots say such stupid offensive horrible things. To elicit an emotional response.

When you feel “triggered”, you’re being manipulated.

Take a step back. Calm down.
What are the issues?

1 Climate change action
2 Protect the Constitution and our Charter Rights
3. Clear, measurable progressive policy
4 Stop the Conservatives at all costs, that includes electoral reform.
Until we get stronger hate laws and eliminate the threat from far left,


Our survival as a species is at stake. The protections bestowed by the Constitution & Charter are under attack.
If human rights and constitutional protections for citizens are removed, there is nothing stopping Cons from eliminating their competition. That’s us; progressives.
Here are some examples to peruse. Admittedly getting angry and overly emotional is hard to do. However, the trick is to ask yourself why you are triggered, & are you going to vote based on that anger or based on good policy and skilled & knowledgeable candidates.
*hard NOT to do.

While I can understand the disappointment and frustration of the brown face photos and their being jarring, your analysis misses one crucial element.

Trudeau is and always has been a white man of wealth and privilege.

But he uses that privilege to create change. And promote change. He probably didn’t in his youth. But he is now. What matters most in this election is what is happening now, not 20 years ago.
Most young white men take advantage of their privilege. Many want to restrict privilege to themselves.

But that’s not what Trudeau represents now. He is not the young man he was 20 years ago.
Trudeau is able to role model the changes necessary to effect change from a state of ignorance and arrogance to open minded, humble and willing to learn.

Something no other leader can do. Or refuses to do because of the desire to restrict privilege.
When assessing the validity of the Trudeau scandal, keep in mind why he is the target of a global smear campaign. We minimize his importance on the world stage because Canada is not a global power. Or are we?

Trudeau is a progressive blocking the unfettered production of FF in Canada. Bill C-69, once enacted, forces every natural resource proposal to be viewed through a climate change lens. Meaning it’s a framework & blueprint for all nations globally on how to manage the Fossil Fuel industry.
Trudeau is the global lynch pin in climate action. Remove him, and repeal Bill C-69 and there is nothing stopping foreign hyper production of FF in Canada. Or globally, for that matter.

Bet you never thought Canada was such a key part of the climate movement?
Canada has immeasurable wealth in natural resources. Minute in population, but gigantic in importance on the world stage for setting precedent in natural resource development.
With this in mind, examine the recruitment efforts by far right in opposing Trudeau.

Canadian federal & conservative politicians.
Domestic & foreign think tanks & foundations.
Progressive opposition leaders misrepresenting facts in criticism of climate action.
Domestic & foreign manipulation of MSM & SM narratives to sway perception.
Effective silencing of government’s ability to inform the public through confidentiality clauses in Saudi Arabia military procurement contract and FIPA with China.
Trudeau’s the most important progressive leader on the planet. Either that or it’s just a coincidence that global adversaries are all acting in unison to pressure Trudeau and smear him on the global stage. That’s plausible. 🙄
Take a look to US and see the severe overlap in Canadian circumstances. The US president is alleged to have pressured Ukraine to provide dirt on Biden. Withholding defense funds crucial for the defense of Ukraine from Russia, Trump’s best friend.
The new Ukrainian president moved to fulfill US request, to gain favor & maintain funding. That is extortion & bribery, since additional funds were included to sweeten the deal. This is Statecraft. Trump remains in power & compromises a foreign leader who is now controlled by US.
How many times has Andrew Scheer, CPC MP’s, provincial conservatives, and Stephen Harper sided with Trump’s US national interest positions? Pretty much every time. So why would Trump, and the autocrats he has surrounded himself with domestic & foreign, want a CPC government?
So they can do the same thing with the Canadian government. It’s greed, avarice.

The US & China have both imposed punitive unfair sanctions and tariffs on Canada. Pushing to get Trudeau to concede to their demands. Trudeau has held fast, protecting Canada’s interests.
Removing Trudeau and LPC would remove the barrier to unfettered FF production and the economic takeover of Canada.

This is a real threat to global democracy. Australia & UK are already in hands of compliant far right leaders.
Leaders who will bend to the demands made by global military and economic powers like US, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Trudeau has not bent and would not compromise Canada’s national interests, security or sovereignty.
That’s why Trudeau is the current subject of a global smear campaign.

Those are irrefutable facts, not conjecture, not opinion. Facts. Evidence provided by the malevolent orange one himself and the spurious minions globally. Harper, Scheer and CPC plan to sell out Canada.
I’ve been saying this for 1.5 years on Twitter. All the evidence is attached to multiple threads fully available to review. This isn’t a theory, it’s a real global conspiracy.
Opposition parties are using extreme populist rhetoric to garner support for their party. Intentionally spreading disinformation and false narratives to garner support for their party. Political campaigns are using multiple negative campaigning techniques.
I listened to Jagmeet Singh in Brampton on CBC this AM. He blames 5 LPC MP’s for lack of a new hospital. Blames the LPC for “hallway medicine.”

Does the average Canadian not understand different jurisdictions & purview of Federal/Provincial govt responsibility?
Does Singh not realize healthcare is provincial purview? Of course he does. But he’s counting on the Canadian voter to be confused between the two levels of government purview.
Multiple tweets of progressives reveal this is a real problem.

Large numbers of citizens are unaware that federal govt provides money transfers for Health services, provinces deliver Healthcare.

The federal government doesn’t set provincial priorities. It helps fund them.
If a new hospital is required in Brampton, the province of Ontario identifies it as a priority, not Liberal MP’s. Otherwise, the MP’s are interfering in provincial jurisdiction and purview. MP’s can support a hospital once it’s identified by the province & funding sought.
Last time I checked, the Ontario provincial government of Doug Ford has refused all infrastructure funding. Refusing to work with LPC federal government. Preferring to wait until CPC is govt and will help install private healthcare as a feature, not merely an option.
Federal MP’s can advocate for the funding approval for their community, once it’s been identified, by the province. But it’s provincial jurisdiction to determine priorities and infrastructure required, not a federal role. LPC has offered funds, but Ford refuses them.
Jagmeet Singh is playing to voters unfamiliarity and confusion between federal & provincial jurisdiction and purview. This is called gaslighting & is an extreme populist approach; assigning blame to the federal govt for provincial responsibilities.
The same approach has been used by NDP with Grassy Narrows.

Addressing the toxic contamination is a provincial responsibility, which LPC govt has offered financial backing. Ford refused funds. But Singh, Angus, Ashton & a multitude of NDP pundits continue to assign blame to LPC.
Ethical leadership would educate the public, not assign blame to a political opponent, in the lead up to & during an election campaign.

Considering all the smug moralizing NDP does, the current party leadership is severely lacking in moral grounding. But it’s more than that.
The strategy to increase public confusion regarding fed/prov purview, coincidentally, is also the fed/prov Conservatives strategy.

Interesting that the two most disparate parties ideologically are attacking the LPC with similar forms of intentional disinformation.
One might wonder if it’s a coordinated strategy, since provincial conservatives are attacking federal purview and NDP are attacking the government’s lack of action on provincial purview. Is this a weird coincidence?
Several coordinated episodes have occurred, over the last 6 months, from both far left & right ideological camps. Many FN & labour/union headline grabbing interruptions of events the PM has attended are interspersed between Premiers court challenges of carbon levies.
The two seem unrelated. But both emerged around the same time. Dividing the nation into ideological tribalism.

This pincer attack tactic has been identified & documented by EU as a strategy of Russian interference in Eastern European national elections.
It’s also been identified as the strategy that was used to aid Trump’s 2016 Presidential election win.

Jill Stein & Bernie Saunders were the far left political candidates that fomented deep divisions in the beliefs and values of the American electorate.
Both Stein & Saunders used excessive populism to deliver their narrative, as well as Trump & Republican candidates. It created deep divisions that continue to plague the American political ethos. That ideological divide is also influencing Canadian political environment now.
The Canadian political system is different from the American system. Canadian party leaders are not elected by a separate vote. So the strategy has been modified to fit the voting system & form of Westminster Parliamentary system used in Canada.
US had 2 Presidential candidates attacking from the left with populist rhetoric, Canada has two political parties and many prominent NDP & GPC candidates using extreme populist rhetoric & intentional disinformation. All at the same time that CPC is doing so from the right.
This phenomenon (attack from both sides of the political spectrum) is NOT a weird coincidence. Its a pincer attack & the method currently being used globally to secure far right electoral wins. It works in either a FPTP or PR voting system.
This is the Finkelstein Method. Negative campaigning. Happening in Canada, right now, during the election period.

Follows: a list of negative campaign techniques that all will recognize and continue to be subjected to for the remainder of the campaign.
Time to get familiar with these techniques and to check every politician’s rhetoric before believing anything they say, including LPC. Once you are familiar with these techniques, it becomes easy to recognize them in action.

Attack ads & Contrast ads
Dirty Tricks
Third Party Lobbying
Push Polls

All described in the Wikipedia article attached above under the heading Techniques.

There is also the use of Idealization & Devaluation. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idealizat…

Minimization. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimisat…
Two Wrongs Make a Right. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_wrong…

Victor’s Justice. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor%27…

Whataboutism. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whatabout…

Ad Hominum. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem

Magical Thinking. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_t…

There’s lots more. Negative campaigning works. That’s why it’s used.
Now read this letter and see how many of these techniques you can find. I found several.

It’s abundantly obvious to me that NDP and GPC operatives are part of the Finkelstein Method employed by the CPC to engineer a majority win in the upcoming federal election.

Finkelstein methods work because they operate at both ends of the political spectrum.

As is the case in Canada.

For an overview of Harper’s Finkelstein inspired strategic plan to engineer a conservative win in perpetuity, I’ve documented his strategy in the embedded thread.

I have documentation for everything and am currently creating a portal website.
Strategic planning was my strength and passion when I worked at the federal government and at every community based organization who employed me. Community activism requires knowledge and understanding of how social change is made. Strategic planning is a tool of social change.
Mapping out a goal and how to get there incrementally to effect social change is what I was paid to do for a living. Strategic planning is an effective tool to create change in communities. It requires a big picture world view. And the ability to see the localized view.
It’s the character of the director of the application of ANY tool that determines its intent for benevolence or malevolence.

An easy analogy: a hammer is a tool. It can be used to build homes or to murder. Same tool, the difference is in who and why the tool is wielded.
I used strategic planning in communities to effect change that they designed. I just helped them develop the plan. Occasionally I used strategic planning independently to map out strategies to present to communities resistant to change. The community always had control.
In order for a strategic plan to work, there must be buy in to the end goal and strategic incremental changes made to move towards the outcome desired. It’s the way effective policy is designed. Knowing where the pitfalls and obstacles are ahead of time informs the strategy.
All policy wonks use strategic planning to design policy. Some are better than others at identifying obstacles to a successful goal attainment or intended change. Stephen Harper is a master strategic planner. As a strategic planner myself, I can recognize his gift at strategy.
The problem is, Harper uses his plans for malevolent intent. Or rather what progressives consider malevolent intent. The removal of regulations that protect health and safety, destruction of the environment, elimination of human rights, restrictions of personal freedoms.
Many conservatives consider his intent worthy of praise. Those are Canadian citizens who prefer patriarchal authority be in charge and desire a return to classic liberalism (aka libertarianism). They are no less Canadian than progressives, but far fewer in number.
Their only opportunity to form the federal government and control economic & social policy that shapes society is to develop a strategic plan that incrementally removes the obstacles preventing a tyranny of the minority of citizens. Harper developed that plan over 20 years ago.
The nation’s democracy has been incrementally dismantled. Piece by piece, bit by bit, and is currently on its last legs. Any strategic planner can see this. Intuitively the rest of the nation senses a change, but can’t put their finger on it.
I’ve put my finger on it. I’ve been pointing at it for over 1.5 years. It’s the reason I started researching and documenting what’s happening. Because I have the experience, knowledge and skill to analyze strategic planning. I’m not special, just an average Canadian citizen.
But I possess the innate ability to view the world from the big picture view. It’s what enabled me to crawl out of poverty. That and the fair colour of my indigenous skin. I’m not brilliant or excessively educated. Just extremely tenacious and motivated by love for my children.
All of our children deserve the rights and freedoms their predecessors fought hard to win for them. And a planet capable of sustaining life. That’s my motivation. It’s the reason I get out of bed every morning and work late into every evening documenting this strategy.
A strategy as large as this requires several key directors. It’s multifaceted and extremely complex to work out all the details to manage. And that’s just Canada. But we can all see there is a surge in authoritarian politics worldwide.
The global movement towards authoritarianism isn’t just synchronicity or a coincidental accident. It’s planned. Many, if not most global leaders have bought into a strategic plan to return power to those who have held it exclusively for eons. Patriarchal authoritarians.
Most cultures are characterized by patriarchal domination and control. But a notable few are not. Traditionally, indigenous peoples have used a form of matriarchal based power sharing. Beneficial to all citizens of the society.
It’s a complex power system that benefits all rather than the strongest, richest, most cunning or most intelligent.

Everyone has a voice. No matter how old or where they stand politically in society. Consensus is optimum, but the leader & his M/F advisors can determine policy.
Power isn’t shared equally, but all have power. Elders, both male & female guide, men provide & protect, women care for & nurture, children learn their roles. Gender is not static.

Hierarchy is determined through matriarchy. Women are the connection for every person in society.
Women control the resources within the home, men control resources outside of the home.

There are challenges and deficits in a matriarchal system. But it is far more egalitarian than a patriarchal system. I grew up in one.
Upon discovery of this global strategic plan, it was notable to me that indigenous peoples and their various forms of matriarchal power dynamics are not included in the end goal. There is no room for an egalitarian distribution of power. The plan is to eliminate it.
All indigenous people are currently under attack globally. Every autocrat is seeking to eliminate indigenous cultures and any matriarchal systems of power distribution. It’s a common thread binding every autocrat and dictator globally. Brazil, Russia, China, US, all of them.
Global power dynamics weren’t moving to entrench colonialism, social democracy was moving global power dynamics towards matriarchal power distribution. Advancements in human rights by women, LGBTQ and POC represent a shift towards matriarchy. An existential threat to patriarchy.
That’s the end goal Harper’s strategic plan for Canada hopes to achieve. Elimination of matriarchal power distribution as an option.

Trudeau is pushing to maintain & expand a global matriarchal power structure.

NDP & GPC are working for Harper.

Voters get to choose Oct 21.
Choose wisely. The implications of your choice determine our collective future.
We have a dilemma Canada. Keep focussing your rage at CPC whose bots and hired operatives are out in full force goading as many progressives as they can. Or ignore the CPC and start focussing on the progressives who are intentionally working to get CPC elected.
Why would progressives work towards destroying the only viable alternative to CPC?


It’s addictive and when given a chance to grab some at others’ expense, only those with integrity and a strong character refuse.

A true Progressive doesn’t value power over human rights.
There is no circumstance that justifies sacrificing human rights to gain power. It’s the central dogmatic principle & belief connecting all progressives.

A CPC win will result in multiple human rights lost.
Trying to save the planet isn’t an excuse to sacrifice women’s, POC’s, LGBTQ’s and indigenous people’s rights.

Mother Earth will be fine, regardless of what humanity does. Over and over again, the earth has experienced catastrophic change and life has somehow survived.
But not all life. Some life has become extinct. Humanity can choose authoritarian governments hell bent on bringing the end of humanity and hoarding wealth for the divinely blessed until the end of humanity, but the earth will heal and survive long after humans are extinct.
Personally, as an indigenous woman, I’d rather forgive the white privileged man for his youthful errors since he’s grown up into a progressive middle aged adult and takes responsibility for his behaviour.
As a minority in this nation, I’ve witnessed many who have used their wealthy white privilege to continue to hurt and discriminate well into their old age. But I’ve seen just as many with white privilege reconsider past decisions and learn to value others for who they are.
Justin Trudeau is one of those privileged white people. Is he able to understand the indignity bestowed on those who are different from him? No. He can’t. But he tries to understand and works to level the playing field. That is a white privileged progressive.
I find that characteristic or personality trait far more attractive than the grandiose moralizing of Scheer and his partners in gaslighting, the fake progressives.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading.

I have one request. Redirect your narrative to those whose ambition for the power of official opposition would eliminate my rights and the rights of many more Canadians.
Ignore Scheer and his bots & operatives. Challenge progressive leaders to step up to the plate and use their platform to direct their criticism at CPC and choose to be truly progressive.
I am one person with one vote. I don’t want to wake up on October 22, 2019 knowing my & my children’s rights will be systematically removed, so May or Singh can gain a couple seats in parliament.

Please join me in spreading this message and exposing Finkelstein Methods.